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Opticians Software

Here at Blink we aim to keep things as simple as possible. Why make things complicated? How many software systems do you come across that offer more gimmicks than features? Blink Optician Management System is aimed to cut the nonsense out of opticians software. We want our system to perform...
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Sight Aid International

This week Blink are proud to support Sight Aid InternationalThe charity was set up by one of our valued clients to provide eyecare services to some of the poorest people in Kenya. Sight Aid International has this week opened an eye testing...
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cheap software for opticians

Working hard to get customers off the high street into your opticians practice?  The last thing that you want is to be paying vast amounts for practice management software. That is why Blink OMS comes in 3 different versions - to suit the requirements of your practice...
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Free Webpage for Blink Users

We have recently started to offer new Blink customers a free web page.  This is a great way for new practices to get into the online world and tell their local community about the services that they have to offer. Here is an example of a web page...
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