Your request to access our demo system has been received! Thank you. Please see the details below

You will shortly receive an email asking you to confirm that you are happy to join our mailing list.  If you do not receive this email within 15 minutes please check your spam folders. Doing this will ensure that we can follow up your interest in Blink and send you any special offers that we have for new customers.

Here are the details you will need:
Practice name = Great Missenden
username = owner
password = admin

Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Our system is optimised for google Chrome, other web browsers will work although there may be minor layout differences between browsers 
  • Patient Admin
    • The demo system currently contains a few demo patients – please add more yourself
  • Diary & Staff Admin
    • Your Diary can be configured to represent your clinic start/end times (go to Administration -> Users -> Edit User)
    • Additional users can be set up in the same place (Administration -> Users) – you can set different access rights for different users
    • Individual cells on your diary are set to 10 mins, this can be amended (by me) but we recommend 10 or 15 mins
    • Diary Appointment/Event types can be edited.  The default types are all set to default to 30 mins.  You can also set the colour coding on the appointment types
  • Patient Recall
    • The recall system is centred around the Next Examination Date 
    • Your demo system has a few default recall letters and document printing templates – edit these templates by going to Administration -> Template Management -> Edit Recall/Letter Templates
    • Before you do the above you need to install the html editor by clicking on one of the links below the link referenced above (and follow the instructions)
    • The recall system allows you to send SMS text messages, these must be purchased (as credits) in advance 
  • Dispensing
    • The demo system has both versions of dispensing, full & lite (if you decide to use our system, one version would be disabled)
    • Dispensing basic 
      • on the left hand menu, under Printing click on ‘Dispensing Order’.  
      • This form allows you to enter details of up to 2 frames/lenses along with price etc.  
      • The form is always available for reference/reprinting under ‘Patient Information -> Purchase History Lite’
      • Any money due will be displayed on the patient summary page
      • When running dispensing lite you do not get the till features , which allow you to create x & z readings and to export daysheet reports of all sales
    • Dispensing Full
      • This is the part of the system that needs you to setup your stock.  The current example groups frames into price bands (so that you don’t need to add in every single stock item).  It may work for you or you may prefer to add each frame and select by filtering by manufacturer etc
      • Purchase History can also be seen by clicking on the ‘Full Purchase History’ menu option
      • Any money due will be displayed on the patient summary page

If you would like any further information, please call.