All implementations of Blink OMS are accessed via https. That means that data passed between your practice and the web server is encrypted during the transfer process. So anybody, who may try to intercept pieces of data being passed across the internet will be unable to read what they intercept.

Much of the user identifiable data that we store on the Blink servers in encrypted before it is written to the database. This provides additional security and peace of mind that you patient’s data is safe.

Blink OMS has, as standard, the ability for you to create multiple users – each with their own unique username and password. Every time one of your staff members wants to access the system they must login. Configurable permissions built into the system allow you to restrict access to certain parts of Blink to specific users.

When we set up your Blink system we offer you the option to force restrictions on the ip addresses that are able to access your data. This means that we can set up your system to only allow access to users from specific locations, i.e. your practice, or maybe the home of your system administrator. In order to make use of this optional security feature, you must have a fixed ip address – which you will need to obtain from your internet service provider.