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iziLookbook, the leading virtual glasses plugin for any eyewear website

Blink is delighted to be the only UK reseller of iziLookbook virtual glasses website plugin. 

With an iziLookbook, you do not sell online, but ensure that the customer comes to your shop to try on the glasses and seeks your professional advice. An iziLookbook is also a perfect alternative to a time-consuming webshop. It can be tailored to your brands by choosing from our extensive range, but without the hassle of online sales and price competition, returns, shipments.

From £165 per month (ex.VAT) you can have your very own  3D eyewear showroom. It can be personalised with your logo and brand colours and has over 85 brands for you to create your perfect bespoke Lookbook. 

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Virtual eyewear store

Customizable – manage your own eyewear gallery – Choose from the latest collections with a choice of over 85 brands.

Visibility – hyper realistic frames that fit perfectly – Your (potential) customers try on 3D glasses anytime, anywhere via smartphone, tablet, and laptop. The hyper-realistic eyewear gallery gives a real-life fitting experience.

Clarity – frames with price categories  – The frames are divided into three price categories. This way, the digital fitter gets an idea of the cost of the spectacles, without an exact price being mentioned. The total sales price including eyeglass lenses will be determined in-store

The sale starts online – Customers can reserve specific glasses or styles of glasses, book in for an eye test or fitting consultation. We can also bring extras to their attention for upsell.

Universal plugin – suitable for all websites – The iziLookbook plug-in is suitable for any type of platform or website. Installation on your website is super easy. Our service team is happy to help you get started. So no headaches for you!

The iziLookbook starter pack

The demo version of the iziLookbook is the base, which we set up in your house style. This includes placing your logo in the header and font, adjusting colours and setting up the brands