Blink Bulletin – #1

In these unprecedented times, how do you maintain business momentum, keep your patients informed and remain positive?

Stay Safe & Stay In Touch

By gradually reducing public freedom, the government have halted the movement of people so that we now have only key workers and essential services in our towns and cities. So what should you be doing? Do you remain open to provide essential eyecare services to those same key workers? How do you balance the needs of your patients with the safety of your staff?

Many Blink users have made the decision to close their doors but they are making sure that their patients know where to go for emergency care if it is needed or how to get in touch in case of emergency. Post a message on your website, on social media, or put a poster up on your door; the key thing is to keep your patients informed.

Look ahead, one day we WILL return to normality

Your patients may not be coming through the door but that should mean you have some spare time on your hands. Why not use that time to catch up on business development tasks? Prepare your business for life after COVID-19. If your staff are still working (from home), why not develop their skills to help manage or promote your practice?

  • Stay in touch with your patients through;

    • social media
    • regular emails
    • informative website posts
    • or even sms messages or phone calls for your most valued or vulnerable patients
  • Train yourself or your staff – Blink customers can arrange 1-2-1 training via video link & screen sharing. This can be anything from how to setup your social media profiles, to using adanced features in Blink OMS
  • Change your PMS – this quiet spell could be perfect for trying a new Practice Management System such as Blink. But why should you bother? Here are a few reasons why:

    • Huge Cost Saving – Blink is one of the more affordable systems on the market – get a feature rich system at a fraction of the cost of some other systems
    • The Blink team is responsive and helpful – if you need specific tweaks to suit your practice, nothing is too much trouble
    • We can import your existing data – meaning that you will not lose key patient information or have to start re-entering data
    • Sign up to Blink NOW and don’t start paying your monthly subscription until you re-open your doors (whenever that is)
  • Develop your practice website

If you’d like to know more about how Blink can help your practice with IT, or eMarketing solutions please get in touch by replying to this email