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With summer fast approaching get ready to sell more sunglasses with our virtual try-on software

Blink is delighted to be the UK’s only reseller of iziLookbook virtual glasses website plugin, and it couldn’t be easier to install.

Websites that include virtual glasses try-on software offer lots of benefits for both consumers and eyewear retailers:

  1. Visual Representation:  Virtual try-on software provides a realistic representation of how glasses will look on the wearer’s face. This helps customers make more informed purchasing decisions by seeing how different styles complement their facial features and personal style.. 
  2. Variety– Customers can explore a wide range of glasses styles, colours, and brands virtually, providing them with more options than they might find in a single store. This increases the likelihood of finding a pair that matches their preferences.
  3. Convenience: Virtual try-on software allows customers to try on glasses from the comfort of their own homes using their computer or mobile device.
  4. Customization: Our virtual try-on software allows users to customize their virtual try-on experience by adjusting parameters such as frame size, lens shape, and color options. This enables customers to tailor their selection to suit their specific needs and preferences.
  5. Feedback and Sharing: Customers can get feedback from friends, family, or social media followers by sharing virtual try-on images or videos. This can help them gather opinions before making a final decision.
Overall, our virtual glasses try-on software will enhance the eyewear shopping experience by providing convenience, accessibility, and a realistic representation of how glasses will look on the wearer. It benefits both consumers and retailers by improving decision-making.
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