Blink Opticians Software

Contact Lens recall dates have been a long standing area of confusion in Blink.
Some users like to use the Aftercare appointment feature rather than the Full Contact Lens Examination screen – and this introduces 2 potential recall dates.

The latest minor update of Blink aims to resolve this issue once and for all, with better labelling and an ability to update the main CL recall date from the Aftercare screen.

So to summarise, this is how the Blink system expects Contact Lens examinations to flow:
So to summarise, this is how the system expects CL examinations to flow:

  1. Px has full CL exam (part 1 & part 2)
    1. Recall date set (e.g. 12 months)
    2. Aftercare date might be set (this would usually be several days later to check on trial lenses etc)*
  2. Px comes in for an aftercare appointment (which is another part 2)
    1. Recall date is reset (e.g. 12 months from now)
    2. A further aftercare might be set (e.g. 1 month later)*
  3. 11/12 months later the recall system is used to recall the Px based on their recall date, they come in and the process starts again with a full CL exam

*note – the next aftercare date is stored on the system and visible on the patient summary but it is NOT used by the recall system. The assumption is that the aftercare appointment will only be several days in the future and so a appointment will be scheduled there and then