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Blink Support - there are so many ways to access support

With Blink OMS you will never be without support no matter what time of the day or night. From new users learning how to integrate Blink into their practice to existing users adding to their Blink knowledge, our support team are on hand to help with continued ongoing guidance and support.

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Blink User Guides – We have a comprehensive range of downloadable user guides that cover all aspects of Blink. There is a user guide for each of Blinks main menu’s and also individual ones for subjects such ‘eGOS’ and ‘Stock’. They are super easy to use and explain subjects step by step with screen shots for extra guidance. Users have found the user guides an invaluable tool when learning how to use Blink and as a reference for future use.

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Blink Video Tutorials – You will find lots of useful video tutorials on our Blink YouTube Channel. From a full length system demo to specific videos on eGOS and patient recalls etc.

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Blink FAQs  – We have complied all of the most frequently asked questions on to a page into subject groups. Most common questions will be answered here, from setting up your system to indepth eGOS questions.

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Blink customer support – During working hours we are always on the end of the telephone to give support. You can also send us emails and messages which we will always aim to respond to quickly.

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