January 2011 saw the launch of a new Practice Management System for Opticians called ‘Blink Optician Management System’

Blink OMS is a web enabled Optical software system which will help you manage your practice, your patients and your time!  The software has been specifically designed to be intuitive and very easy to use – for even the most techno-phobic optician practice worker. Being a web enabled system, it follows standard website navigation rules and therefore, the screen layout is simple and uncluttered and should be familiar to those used to surfing the web.

The software includes all essential optometry tools including; Patient Recall, Appointment Diary, Examination Data and Dispensing.  It can be purchased on a pay monthly basis in 1 of 3 flavours:

  • Blink Once – this introductory version includes; Patient Demographics and Recall, Attachments, Medical History & Appointments Diary
  • Blink Twice – Same as the above with the addition of a full Examination module
  • Blink Again – The whole works, this package also includes the Dispensing/Sales module

Being a web enabled solution, your optician practice data is available to you wherever you are.  Use of Secure Sockets Layer and (optional) fixed ip addresses means that we can ‘lock down’ your system so that it can only be accessed from certain locations.  It also means that everything is stored ‘in the cloud’ so backups, upgrades and trouble shooting can be done by us, at appropriate times.

The System is flexible and interactive and so if necessary your opticians practice can have a tailored solution that meets your specific requirements.  For example, you can edit; the dropdown lists that appear on the examination data form, the lists of medical conditions or medications and much more.

Blink optical software has been developed by generationNET, a website design and development company based in Leicester.  Established in 2003, the company have been developing websites and web applications for many years.  The company owner, Terry Woodhouse, also has similar period of experience in the optical software field having previously developed a desktop Opticians Practice Management System called OptSys. 

Like the software, the company too prides itself on being flexible and extremely responsive.  With a priority placed on doing whatever it takes to help your practice get the best out of Blink OMS.

One for the future!  Once you have settled your practice down in the use of Blink, why not consider adding an interactive booking system onto your website.  GenerationNET can help you provide your customers with a means of accessing their own Rx data and/or appointment information via a password protected web page – ask to see a demo