Blink Opticians Software
This year Blink Opticians Software owner, Terry Woodhouse, will be raising money for charity by running the Virginmoney London Marathon. In addition to accepting regular donations via a donations page, (click here), Blink OMS will be donating income from any new sales of our ‘software for opticians’, or from any website development work that we are asked to do between now and the end of April 2014.

Did You Know:

As well as providing mobility and freedom to blind and partially sighted people, Guide Dogs UK also campaigns for the rights of people with visual impairment, educates the public about eye care and supports eye disease research.

Terry’s Reason for Supporting Guide Dogs

During 2013 I was lucky enough to undergo laser eye surgery which gave me 20/20 vision and the whole experience hit home, once more, just how delicate the eye is and what it means to be able to see clearly. As many of you reading this will be opticians, this is probably not something that I need to remind you about but I think it is worth raising the profile of organisations like Guide Dogs, who can make a real difference to those people not lucky enough to have good vision.

How You can help us raise money for Guide Dogs

During the month leading up to the 2014 London Marathon, and for at least 1 month afterwards, Blink will be making a donation of £50 to the Guide Dogs charity for every sale of our online Opticians Software System that is agreed*. So, if your practice is on the look out for a new software system, give us a call to find out more.

Further more, any new website development work agreed during the same period will also trigger a similar donation*.

* The amounts donated will be:
For any new sale of Blink OMS a minimum of £50.
For any website development work commissioned during April we will make a donation based on the value of the initial work.